Kickstarter Update #1: “About us: GloveCat Studio”

April 24, 2015

We’re a small four member indie team that has been working in this game since early 2013. We live in Málaga, Spain and we started developing Android games back in 2011. The first released one was a promotional game for a political campaign, it has an extremely simple move-and-dodge mechanic, but it provided us with enough income to keep working.

After that, we started the development of Sheet Ninja and Fungi Town, two casual Android games, in parallel. The development process of these games was hard, and it improved us as a team and individually, because we dealt with a lot of unexpected events. Finally, we released Sheet Ninja in December 2012 and Fungi Town in February 2013.

After the release of Sheet Ninja, we started the development of The Intergalactic Trashman which, at the very beginning, was meant to be played on a phone too, but shortly after that, we realized that if we want to achieve our aspirations for the game, we would need a PC or a console.

And here we are, hoping for this campaign success!

[29 years old. Málaga, Spain.]

I’ve been programming since I was 7 years old, coding in BASIC at school and after that I started to learn C on my own. Since then, I’ve always been experimenting and trying to make games, dreaming about it. I stopped for a long while in order to finish my university studies and nowadays, I’m a Computer Science Engineer eager to make virtual worlds. Among my preferred video games are well-known ones such as: Prince of Persia, Super Mario Land 2, Baldur’s Gate, Max Payne, Knights of The Old Republic, Alone in the dark, Monkey Island, … and many more

[28 years old. Algeciras, Spain.]

When I was at school I used to draw platform stage sketches when teachers weren’t aware of it and later, I showed them to my colleagues. During high school I started to show some interest in programming using RPG Maker 95. But it wasn’t until the age of 17 when I decided to devote my life to computing, started studying a Computer Science Engineering degree. As a result, I’m in the game developing world and I can fulfill a dream of my childhood

[29 years old. Málaga, Spain.]

I’m a lover of all kind of entertainment: videogames, films, boardgames, comics… When I was 5 y/o my parents gave to me my first Home video game console, the NES, with two titles: Super Mario Bros and DuckTales. From that day I knew that my life would be focused on videogames. I believe in the videogames as one of the best ways to tell a story: because the recipient of that story, “plays” it. That’s why I’m learning to animate, to draw and a lot of more useless skills in real world which are very useful in this scene

[26 years old. Málaga, Spain]

I’ve been interested in art and drawing since I was a child. I’m self-taught, because I like to discover all the possibilities of design programs by clicking every button, searching tutorials and spending a lot of hours in front of the computer drawing with my – really basic – pen tablet. When Carlos, my cousin, offered me to be a part of GloveCat, I really liked the idea. During all this time, each project has been a challenge that allows and obligates me to improve my abilities and capabilities

Feel free to ask us everything you want!

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