Kickstarter Update #3: Kepler’s abilities and power-ups: extended version!

April 28, 2015

We’ve done a briefly description of Kepler and his ship abilities and weapons, so we want to provide you with some more information about them!

During the adventure, Kepler has several gadgets that will allow him to dodge enemies, run faster or get to some places impossible to reach without them.

These tools will be unlocked as the adventure progresses and they are divided into two well-differentiated classes: the Kepler’s personal devices and the ship tools.


Kepler has a great selection of tools that he will able to use while he’s exploring a planet or infiltrating the industry. He will need to use them to steal information and keep advancing on his investigation. These main tools are:

The dash

Kepler has a propelling device installed in his suit’s back.This device will provide Kepler with the ability to propel himself at any angle. You can link several pushes before it gets totally run down, but as soon as you land on any surface, it will be fully recharged again. At the beginning of the game, Kepler has only two pushes, but this ability will improve as the game progresses, increasing its usage limit.

The rope  

Another fancy gadget is the rope.It can only be used with hooks that Kepler will find in the stages and it has a maximum range. This rope will propel Kepler to the selected hook and you can link as many hooks as you want.


Kepler’s ship has devices that boost its speed and provides it with dodging capabilities. This abilities consume ship’s energy and it won’t be auto-recharged until Kepler’s stop using them.


This ability provides a big speed boost for Kepler’s ship as the energy savings are consumed gradually. The main disadvantage of this is that its control capabilities will decrease while turbo is in use.

Dodge propulsors

These propulsors are the best way to avoid enemies easily and quickly, but their usage will consume a percentage (initially 25%) of the ship’s energy. This percentage will decrease as the game progresses and Kepler will be able to use it more frequently.


Apart from the abilities, Kepler will find power-ups that will help him throughout the adventure:

  • Ammo refill: This power-up will recharge current Kepler’s equipped weapon.
  • Energy boost: This power-up will recharge Kepler’s energy instantly.
  • Invulnerability/Shield: This object will create a shield that will surround Kepler’s spaceship, making it invincible for few seconds.
  • First aid kit / Repair kit: Either it will repair the ship or it will health Kepler.

What do you think? If you have any question or suggestion just leave a comment :)

Thank you!

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