Kickstarter Update #7: 2D Platform themes + We’ve got Greenlit!!

May 5, 2015

Hi everyone!

We wanted you to know that The Intergalactic Trashman has just been Greenlit!! 

Thank you all for your support!!


2D Platform themes

Throughout Kepler and Xana’s adventure, our duo will travel through several sectors of the galaxy to continue the investigation initiated by Goyold, where they will find a great variety of planets and civilizations. The combination of this variety will recreate all the different stage themes for every phase of the game.

The most important locations to investigate are the factories. Recently, a lot of them have appeared throughout the galaxy with no clear purpose, but for Kepler and Xana, a thing is clear: something wrong is happening inside. They are the ‘core’ of the game and they have a lot of different gameplay possibilities: narrow corridors full of traps, high vertical corridors to jump from wall to wall, spikes, lava, etc.

The Z’mba system is inhabited by a lizard-like “civilised” race: the Z’mbarians. Kepler and Xana will travel to this system’s jungles and temples, which are full of jellies since the coup d’État that expelled T’rr G’kk.They will try to discover the truth behind the coup and the jelly invasion.

The techmedieval sector history is full of internal quarrels and political schemes, but all of them ended when a powerful jelly army supported Amadeus III King in his conquest of the whole system. Kepler and Xana will need to help Max, the Inorbis’ armourer, and former knight of this System, to get a relic and uncover the real aspirations of Amadeus III.

Kepler and Xana’s last stop in their journey will be a massive dumping site that covers a planet’s surface.Will they find all the answers? Will they uncover the mystery behind the factories and jellies?

All your comments and feedback are really important to us, so we launched a new version of our tech-demo with some changes:

  • - New camera motion.
  • - Different ambient light.
  • - HUD updated with throwable items (grenade, mine and decoy).
  • - Some particles improved.
  • - Some Kepler’s animations fixed.
  • - Camera goes to the point where you respawned immediately.
  • - Jelly Soldier and Jelly Shield bullets speed increased and sprite changed.

Have you tried The Intergalactic Trashman tech-demo yet? Have you recognized jelly’s scream when it dies?


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