Kickstarter Update #5: Kepler’s weapons: extended version!

April 30, 2015

The galaxy has a lot of enemies and dangers, but Kepler and his ship have a good set of weapons to get rid of them. Weapons are a very important part of the game!

Kepler and Xana have Morphbuster: a transformable weapon created by Max, the Inorbis’ armourer. What makes Morphbuster unique above other similar ones is that it has several fire modes. Kepler can alternate them according to the occasion, allowing them to deal with any kind of situation!

Slash Mode: Morphbuster will be able to transform into a sword, providing Kepler with a way to deliver devastating melee attacks. Thanks to Max’s training, Kepler will be able to chain several attacks to do powerful combos and to deal with an entire enemy gang quickly.

Blast Mode: The weapon will morph into a handgun with a medium fire rate and an average damage compared with other modes, which makes it the most balanced one. It will be one of the two default modes along with the Xcalibur mode.

Morphbuster has a power cell, X3000, which provides enough energy for the Blast Mode. But Kepler will need to collect ammo magazines in order to use the Morphbuster’s modes explained below:

Sting Mode: Morphbuster’s rate of fire will be increased at the expense of a damage reduction. This mode will be perfect in order to take down an enemy squad that run towards our heroes.

Spread mode: This morph will be devastating at short distances but it will have a lower rate of fire and a shorter range of action. This mode will allow Kepler to kill an enemy with just one shot, or even some of them at once if they are close enough!

During the adventure, Kepler will unlock new Morphbuster’s modes, such as a sniper rifle or flamethrower, among others.

Besides Morphbuster, Kepler and Xana will have several throwable objects that would made their life easier. Among these objects, there is the grenade, which will destroy everything inside its area of effect.

Also, the decoy will distract any enemy, allowing them pass through without being detected.

Even though it seems Kepler and Xana would be defenseless while they navigate through space, that is not true!

Kepler’s spaceship has several weapons in order to destroy any enemy on the road, such as the laser cannon, the missile launcher, or the spreaded fire, among others. It also has an arsenal of different mines to fight against any kind of threat.

Thanks again for support us! And for reading! ;)

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