Kickstarter Update #8: Game progress since the beginning

May 7, 2015

We started The Intergalactic Trashman’s development back in early 2013. In those days, we weren’t using Unity to develop the game, we were using LibGDX because we had developed other games with it, and the results were satisfactory. However, the development process with that ‘engine’ was slow for our purpose.

This is a video of the very first executable of the game:


The landscape is fantastic as you can see, full of details!

During 2013 we worked hard to release a pre-alpha to the public. That time came in december 2013 and we launched the first public version of the game!. We made a trailer of that, check it out, you probably will see huge differences between that game state and the current one:


Probably, you are wondering: Hey! there are big changes, it’s true, but… the space part is completely different! What happened? Well, we realized that there were huge aesthetics differences between both game mechanics. It seemed to be two different games, and we wanted to fix that so, we changed it completely and you can see the result in the new trailer.

We changed the planets, the space background, the enemies…but the most noticeable change was the spaceship, you can compare the old one with the new one in the image below.We redesigned it from scratch, adding that 3D sensation and more dynamism to achieve a natural movement.

Kepler has suffered big changes too. Initially, he didn’t wear clothes and the animations were rudimentary as you can see in the image below. We are using Spine to do all the game’s animations, and this powerful tool has improved a lot since the development’s beginning, adding a lot of useful features. These new functionalities and our wider experience has led to the current version of Kepler: dressed, much sexier and casual.  

After the pre-alpha release, we received a lot of useful feedback, and we did lots of fixes and improvements, but we realized that we need more development speed so, back in early 2014 we decided to port the game to Unity 4.5. We get right in our decision: our development speed has been increased and our porting capabilities to other platforms are strongly better.

In addition, when we were developing the game with LibGDX we were using custom editors. We needed to develop the game and the map editors in parallel, which was a huge task. Now, with the combination of Unity and Ferr2D (an Unity extension) we can make news maps in minutes instead of weeks (yes, the old editor’s workflow was fantastic)

Finally, after months of work, we rebuilt up The Intergalactic Trashman and we started the trailer design and development process, adding tons of new functionalities to the game and… here we are!

Due to a bug, this jelly worker seems to be having a good time!
Due to a bug, this jelly worker seems to be having a good time!

If you want more information, check our devlog on TIGSource  

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to spread de word!


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