Kickstarter Update #9: Main characters part I

May 11, 2015

Hello everyone!

Today we want to introduce the first four main characters of the game: 

Kepler is the main character. At the beginning, he’s a cute, lovely guy that works happily with his partners, but the adventure will change him forever.

Xana is a personal assistant who helps Kepler to communicate with everyone. She’s Kepler’s partner and a highly advanced artificial intelligence. They’ve been together since he was a kid.

Goyold is a little guy who comes from a far desert planet called Veridiam. He has a special vision goggles because he has lived almost his entire life underground and he’s very sensitive to light. He is Kepler’s mentor and friend and he has an interesting hobby: he loves conspiracy theories!

Nikola is the owner of the ‘Intergalactic Trashmen’ company. He’s a very rich man, philanthropist and a proficient scientific. After The Last War, he decided to create the rubbish collection company because he wanted to help the society and clean the war’s waste.


Thanks for support us and remember to spread the word!


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